Rick Armstrong Photography | About
Rick Armstrong is a native Floridian who from an early age has had a love for photography. It started with humble beginnings: a basic 35mm camera, and developing black and white film in his makeshift darkroom otherwise known as the family bathroom.

Over the decades, he enjoyed the status of semi-pro. There were occasional clients. Frequently shoots were for family and friends. But most often it was for the self satisfaction of creating beautiful images. From weddings and portraits to sports and rock and roll, Rick has photographed many subjects. Photography has even become a family affair, visiting nature habitats, and traveling to places of scenic and/or historical interest. In the last 5 years a harmonious convergence occurred that led him to pursue his passion as a full time profession.

As well as capturing moments in time, we are also in the planning stages of offering classes, seminars, and one on one tutoring to help YOU take better photographs. Whether you are a rank beginner or an advanced amateur, we will take you and your photography to the next level.